About Us


Manufacturers of Standard and Custom Design Composite Prepregs

From its main Australian production site, GMS Composites manufactures and delivers to customers worldwide a range of specialised, high performance composite prepregs. As well as offering a standard range, the company has particular expertise in developing and supplying custom designed advanced composites prepreg solutions for demanding markets such as: Aerospace, Ballistic & Defence, Automotive & Motorsport, Sports & Leisure, Marine, and Rail & Transportation.

In-house expertise and R & D partners

Using in-house expertise and external R & D partners, the technical team works closely with customers to formulate and develop fibre reinforced custom prepreg systems, engineered to meet specific needs and performance requirements.

GMS Composites helps its customers accelerate new product development programmes, which enables OEMs to bring new products to market faster.

Lean manufacturing methodology with ISO 9001 Quality Systems

Lean manufacturing methodology and ISO 9001:2008 accredited quality assurance systems are used to manufacture to order all prepregs with comparatively fast lead times. The highly flexible production facilities and responsive operations team results in excellent customer service for low volume development projects and prototypes or high volume production orders.

GMS Composites continues to invest in ‘state of the art’ prepreg production machines that are cost effective and have proven reliability to produce consistent, high quality, cost effective prepregs.

Additional Services

GMS Composites also offers a number of other custom ‘make to order’ design and fabrication services:

  • Infusion moulding composite parts
  • CNC machining & finishing composite parts
  • Compression /Press moulding prepreg parts and sheets
  • Design & engineering

Fabrics & Ancillaries

For the Australian composites market, GMS Composites also supplies nationally a comprehensive range of technical fabrics and reinforcement fibres, as well as ancillary products for vacuum moulding.