Markets & Applications

Markets & Applications

GMS Composites has particular expertise in developing and supplying custom designed advanced composites prepreg solutions for demanding markets.    A key success factor is the combination of prepreg processing expertise with the extensive composites, design and engineering knowledge that exists within the company.

For many years, OEMs have worked closely with GMS Composites, which has now developed a reputation for helping its customers to develop and produce advanced high performance composite prepreg finished parts.   Typically, these are high strength components with minimal weight, incorporating epoxy prepreg resins with the latest carbon fibre and aramid fibre technical fabrics and cores as needed, depending on the market and application.

Of particular benefit to Aerospace and Defence and Motorsports OEMS is the custom design prepreg service.  GMS Composites will manufacture ‘prototype’ prepregs and supply small batch quantities.   A highly flexible prepreg production facility enables GMS Composites to handle customer needs from initial prototypes up to high volume production orders.

All GMS Composites standard and custom manufactured prepreg products are developed in-house. R & D development programmes are supported by leading Australian composites research institutes and universities.   There is also close cooperation with customer R & D teams looking to develop custom prepreg systems.


For the aerospace market, GMS Composites offers its custom design prepreg service for OEM parts and MRO, alongside a choice tooling prepreg options: BP190 high performance BMI tooling prepreg for use up to 300 0C, or a low temperature cure (min 55 0C) EP250 epoxy tooling prepreg which for MRO enables splashes to be taken from existing parts. After post curing the EP250 prepreg tool can be used in autoclave situations with working temperature in excess of 180oC. For commercial aviation, tooling prepregs are a cost effective solution to metal or Invar tools, where our isotropic carbon construction allows for precise machining of prepreg tools.

GMS Composites also fabricates from epoxy FRP sheet a wide range of press moulded and machined non-structural aircraft components used in interiors and luggage compartments such as: brackets, hinges, and supports. Typically, these composite parts are metal replacements to reduce weight as well as avoiding catalytic corrosion from composite-metal joins.

Automotive & Motorsports

Several problem solving new product development projects have been successfully completed by GMS Composites for automotive and motorsport applications using GMS epoxy prepreg resins in combination with carbon and aramid fibre technical fabrics to produce light weight, high strength parts.

Customised motorsport components have been engineered by GMS Composites to meet specific cost, production and performance in use requirements. Examples include a carbon fibre epoxy prepreg cockpit chassis for a sports roadster and carbon-aramid fibre epoxy prepreg replacement underside protection panels for rally cars.

Case Study

FR1 Concept Car Chassis Case Study - The 80 kg carbon fibre epoxy monocoque cockpit chassis was ‘out of autoclave’ moulded under vacuum from GMS EP270 epoxy pregreg at only 70 deg C More…

Ballistic & Defence

GMS Composites has develped a range of prepreg and composite material solutions for a variety of ballistic and protection applications such as: soft or hard armour, helmets, vehicle protection spall liners, infrastructure shielding and shelters.

The latest development is EP-620, an impact modified epoxy prepreg resin with a very high fracture toughness, which is designed for cost effectively fabricating lightweight fibre reinforced composite parts. EP-620 is capable of ballistic level high kinetic energy absorption and resistance to repeated shock impacts. It can be combined with a chioce of reinforcement fabrics made from carbon fibres, aramid, s-glass or polyethylene fibres to mould defence and military composite parts for use in either personal or vehicle ballistic and blast protection systems.


 Composite are extensively used in today’s marine market, both for leisure and racing craft; properties such as lightweight, high strength and non-corrosion have made composites the materials of choice for the industry. For higher performance marine applications, carbon fibre reinforced epoxy prepreg composite parts are typically specified to provide the optimum strength to weight ratio. However, with the marine market being so commercially competitive, cost is a key issue for most marine manufacturers.

Low-temperature cure prepregs, EP-270 and EP-274, developed by GMS Composites offer moulders a choice of epoxy resin systems which can still be reinforced with carbon and  glass fibres to provide the necessary performance in use, but which can also be cost effectively processed at low pressures out of autoclave (OoA)  using lower cost tooling and with less energy.   GMS Composite prepreg products are used to manufacture high quality tooling and a variety of structural and cosmetic marine components including: spars, booms and hulls.

Case Study

GMS Composites EP-270 prepreg L hydrofoils for A Class Catmarans More…

Rail & Transport

All transport industries are facing the challenges of needing more fuel efficient vehicles which produce lower emissions to help address the causes of climate change. In rail, mass transportation and truck markets there is an increasing use of composite materials in new designs being manufactured which are significantly lighter.

GMS Composites helps OEMs to develop cost effective new component designs with light weight composites solutions using its range of high performance epoxy prepreg resin systems, tooling prepregs, technical fabrics and machinable lightweight composite laminate epoxy sheet materials.  Where fire, smoke and toxicity (FST) performance is required, EP-530 epoxy prepreg resin is available, which can be supplied with a wide choice of carbon, glass or aramid fibre/fabric reinforcements. EP-530 epoxy prepreg resin is self-extinguishing and meets UL 94 V-0 classification.  GMS composites continue to focus its R & D efforts on developing other light weight composite solutions that address the stringent FST performance requirements in rail, metro and transport applications.

Sports & Leisure

The sports and leisure market is increasingly using carbon fibres and specialty composite designs to fabricate lighter, stronger and higher performance finished products. Composites now feature in the latest equipment used in professional and leisure sports including: fishing, canoeing, rowing, skiing and most water sports.

GMS Composites prepreg resin range and technical fabrics help equipment manufactures design and fabtricate components to meet very high standards and demanding performance criteria.  Our tooling prepreg range offers a cost effective solution for composites tooling industry requirements.