EHS Policy


EHS Policy

The GMS Composites management team is very proactive in ensuring that there is a strong environmental, health and safety (EHS) focus in the business. Effective occupational health and safety (OH & S) measures are in place at all levels in the company, with regular reviews conducted to ensure that all employees remain safe in the work place. The culture in the company is one which encourages a strong regard for the environment, recycling and the use of sustainable materials and energy sources where possible.

GMS Composites takes seriously its responsibility to consider sustainability and the environment. There is a strong preference to manufacture products and conduct business in ways which can help limit any impact on the environment. The company continually strives to find better ways to reduce any environmental impact.

Existing environmental measures and developments which have already been put in place by GMS Composites are as follows:

No Industrial Solvents used in the production of any epoxy resin prepregs. This provides several key benefits: it ensures that there are no emissions of toxic solvents into the atmosphere; there is lower energy consumption during production; it gives customers an improved prepreg product which is free of any residual solvent.

Extensive utilisation of natural light in the workplace. The production facility was designed to ensure that there is an abundance of natural light in all key areas where people work. This has enabled the company to significantly reduce its reliance on artificial light, so minimising energy consumption for lighting throughout the year, with certain seasonal periods when no artificial lighting is needed at all.

Recycled water for all production cooling requirements. During the manufacture of prepreg materials the plant requires cooling capabilities at various stages of the production process. To minimise water consumption, a water recycling system was installed in the plant which virtually eliminates the need to use fresh water, whilst still providing effective cooling capabilities for the production equipment.

Product development environmental consideration. Increasingly, considerations are taken into account regarding the environmental impact of a product and the production process when designing and developing new prepreg composite materials. In particular, this applies to the choice of raw materials procured. There is a preference to source from like-minded companies that demonstrate environmental responsibility and offer products that can help to reduce energy consumption or have a more beneficial impact on the environment compared to other suppliers.