Fabrics and fibres

At GMS Composites, we understand that your project demands the perfect balance of strength, weight, and versatility.

That’s why we offer an unparalleled range of high-performance fabrics and formats to meet your specific needs. No matter your industry or application, we have the solution to bring your vision to life.

This table quickly references the variety of fibres offered by GMS Composites and the formats they come in. Please refer to the following sections for more detailed information on each fabric type’s specific properties and applications.

Carbon Fibre Woven Fabrics, Non-Crimp Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics, Unidirectional (UD) Fabrics, Flat Tow Weave Set Tapes, Sensor-Embedded Fabrics
Fibreglass Woven Fabrics, Non-Crimp Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics, Unidirectional (UD) Fabrics
Aramid Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics
Polyester Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics
Polyethylene Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics
Basalt Woven Fabrics, Non-Woven Fabrics
UHMWPE Woven Fabrics

Diverse materials for every project

Our comprehensive selection encompasses various high-performance fibres, each with its unique properties:

Carbon fibre:

Renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ideal for applications demanding lightweight and high-rigidity structures. We offer carbon fibre in various formats, including woven fabrics, non-crimp fabrics, non-woven fabrics, tapes and unidirectional (UD) fabrics, to cater to diverse design requirements.


A versatile and cost-effective solution offering excellent strength, durability, and chemical resistance. Fibreglass is available in woven, non-crimp, and non-woven formats and tapes making it suitable for a wide range of applications.


Known for its outstanding flame resistance and high strength, perfect for applications in high-heat environments. Known for its impact resistance and light weight, Aramid fibres come in woven and non-woven formats to suit your specific needs.


A balance of affordability, strength, and chemical resistance, making it a great all-rounder. We offer polyester fabrics in woven and non-woven options.


This material offers superior chemical resistance, water repellency, and impact strength, making it ideal for harsh conditions. It comes in woven and non-woven formats.


An eco-friendly alternative with good heat resistance and strength, suitable for building, automotive, and fire safety applications. Basalt is available in woven and non-woven formats.

Ultra-high-molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fibres:

Exceptionally tough, slippery, and wear-resistant, perfect for applications requiring long-term durability. UHMWPE comes in woven fabrics.

Unlocking design possibilities with different formats

Beyond the exceptional range of fibres, we elevate your design possibilities with a multitude of formats:

Woven fabrics:

Offering a balanced combination of strength in both directions, with options like the classic carbon twill weave.

Non-Crimp fabrics:

Providing superior strength and stiffness with minimal fibre waviness. Fibre strength can be offered in multiple directions.

Non-Woven Fabrics:

Versatile fabrics ideal for complex shapes due to their ease of draping and moulding.

Unidirectional (UD) Fabrics:

Fibres aligned in a single direction for maximised strength in that specific direction.

Flat Tow Fabrics:

Flatter tow for a thinner fabric and less crimping, for higher mechanical properties.

Weave Set Fabrics:

Weave is locked in place with a binder or proprietary technology, for less distortion and fraying

Sensor-Embedded Fabrics:

Integrate sensors directly into the fabric for real-time monitoring of various parameters.


Available woven or UD and available 25mm – 200mm wide

Benefits of Using GMS Fabrics and Fibres

Choosing GMS fabrics offers several advantages, including that our fabrics are strong, light, and last a long time, even in harsh conditions. Here are the top benefits of GMS fabrics and fibres:


Our fabrics significantly reduce weight compared to traditional materials like metals, resulting in lighter final products. Imagine a car that can move faster because it’s not burdened by excess weight—that’s the power of lightweight fabrics!

High Strength:

Despite their weight advantage, GMS fabrics boast exceptional strength and stiffness. This makes them perfect for demanding applications in the aerospace, automotive, and marine sectors, where the ability to withstand heavy loads is crucial.


We engineer our fabrics for long-lasting performance, even in harsh environments. They resist wear and tear, corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures. They’re built to endure!


We offer a comprehensive range of fabrics suitable for various applications and industries. We can even customise them to your specific requirements, ensuring your final product performs optimally.

Partner with GMS Composites for your fabric and fibre needs

At GMS Composites, we’re more than just fabric suppliers – we’re your partners in creating exceptional projects. Here’s how we can support you:

Fabrication services:

Our skilled team can assist you with cutting, kitting, and applying your fabrics, taking care of the intricate details.

Engineering expertise:

Need help determining which fabric is right for you? Our engineers can offer expert advice on material selection and design your composite parts for optimal performance. We’re here to ensure your project’s success.

Testing and analysis:

Want to ensure your composite parts meet the required specifications? We offer various testing services for complete peace of mind.

Exceptional customer service and support are at the core of what we do at GMS Composites. Our team of experts is here to assist you in selecting the most suitable fabrics and other composite materials for your project. We’re confident we can be the perfect solution to your needs. 

Contact GMS Composites today to discuss your fabric and fibre requirements. Download our comprehensive fabrics and fibres list to discover the perfect materials for your project. We are committed to providing prompt and personalised service to ensure your satisfaction.

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