Prepregs are a game-changer for composite projects.

At GMS Composites, we leverage our extensive experience to understand the importance of streamlining your workflow and achieving exceptional results. Our proven track record speaks for itself – we deliver high-quality prepregs that meet your needs.

E500 | E501 | E502 | E503 transparent epoxy 110 80 - 160 70 12 L/M/H yes
E401 epoxy 120 70 - 140 14 6 M yes
E400 | E402 epoxy 120 80 - 140 40 12 L no
E310 | E311 flame-retardant epoxy 120 80 - 160 14 6 L/M/H yes
E320 | E321 | 
E322 | E323 epoxy 120 90 - 140 90 12 M yes
E302 epoxy 130 70 - 140 14 12 L/M/H no
E340 epoxy 140 100 - 150 90 12 L/M no
E704 flame-retardant epoxy 140 140 - 160 14 12 M yes
E753 flame-retardant epoxy 140 140 - 160 28 12 L yes
E420 snap-cure epoxy 150 120 - 170 28 12 M yes
E422 transparent epoxy 150 120 - 170 28 12 M yes
E800 tooling epoxy 220 80 - 200 14 12 L/M/H no
P320 | P321 | P322 phenolic >200 100 - 180 180 12 M/H no
P360 phenolic >200 120 - 160 7 6 L/M no
P500 phenolic 75 150 - 170 28 12 L/M/H no

What are prepregs?

Prepregs are composite materials in which strengthening fabrics, like carbon fibre, fibreglass, or aramid, are already impregnated with a resin system, typically epoxy. This eliminates the need for purchasing, storing, and manually mixing complex resin systems. This not only saves time but also minimises waste and simplifies the entire workflow. 

Benefits of using prepregs

Ready to take your composite project to the next level? Our prepregs are the key.

Improved efficiency:

Prepregs streamline your fabrication process by eliminating the need for complex resin system management. This translates to reduced labour costs, material handling, and potential for material waste.

Consistent quality:

Prepregs guarantee a uniform resin-to-fibre ratio throughout your laminate. This leads to predictable and reliable mechanical properties in the final product.

Reduced waste:

Prepregs minimise material waste by eliminating the possibility of mixing errors or improper resin application.

Superior performance:

Prepregs often contain higher-quality, resin systems with more complex formulations. Compared to traditional hand layup techniques, this can improve void content and overall mechanical properties.

Types of prepregs GMS offer

We offer a diverse range of prepregs to cater to your specific project needs. Choose from:

Carbon fibre prepregs:

Available in various weaves, fibre types (high-strength, intermediate-modulus, high-modulus), and resin systems to suit your application’s specific requirements.

Fibreglass prepregs:

A cost-effective solution for applications requiring good strength and chemical resistance.

Aramid prepregs:

Ideal for applications demanding high-impact resistance and excellent ballistic protection. Popular brands of Aramid prepregs include Kevlar® prepegs and Twaron®

Explore our complete selection in our list of prepregs. Beyond these core options, we can also work with you to source specialty prepregs based on your unique project needs.

Partner with GMS composites for your prepreg needs

At GMS Composites, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you in selecting the right prepreg materials for your project and answer any questions.

We also offer additional services such as:

Prepreg cutting and kitting:

Let us handle the cutting and kitting of your prepreg materials, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Technical support:

Our experienced engineers can advise on material selection, layup techniques, and curing processes.

Contact GMS Composites today to discuss your prepreg requirements and discover how we can help you achieve optimal performance in your composite project. Check out our comprehensive list of prepregs to find the perfect materials for your project.

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