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Custom Design Prepregs

GMS Composites has established a strong reputation with OEM companies in Aerospace, Defence and Motorsports, for developing and manufacturing to order ‘customized’ prepreg composite solutions, supplying both prototype and small volume batches.  This is custom design service is offered as part of a tailored R & D support service to customers.

Tailored R & D Support Service

This customized prepreg design service is tailored to suit the needs of individual customers.  Using in-house research and development (R&D) expertise, with support from R & D research institutes and universities, GMS Composites can formulate, test and develop a ‘custom’ prepreg composite resin system engineered precisely to meet specific performance requirements.

An extensive range of technical fabrics based on carbon, glass, aramid, other specialty fibres and nano technology, are combined with resin additives to enhance other performance properties, such as impact and fire resistance.

Flexible Production Service

A key attraction to customers of this custom design prepreg service is the fact that GMS Composites combines tailored product development with a highly flexible production service.  GMS Composites will manufacture volumes of custom prepregs in line with customer needs from initial prototypes and then smaller batch quantities for niche application requirements, right up to higher volume production orders.

Time and Cost Savings

For customers, the time and cost savings in using this custom design ‘make to order’ prepreg service are tangible.   By providing prepreg prototype materials within a relatively short time frame, GMS Composite helps to accelerate research projects and the product development process.  This enables companies to launch new products faster and more cost effectively.

Aerospace Custom Design Prepreg Case Studies

Case Study 1

A globally recognized research organization conducting R&D work for a large aerospace application needed production assistance to process a new nano-particle modified prepreg system.  GMS Composites manufactured a small batch within short lead time.  This enabled the research team to make test pieces and provide data on material performance faster, which accelerated the development process for the OEM.

Case Study 2

GMS Composites’ fast tracked’ an urgent R&D project for a multinational aerospace company, rapidly processing a unique new prepreg resin.  As a result, the OEM’s   R & D projected development time was reduced by over 80% to only 4 weeks.

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