We provide sustainable composite solutions for all industries.

GMS Composites has a strong history of developing and producing customised components to meet specific cost, production, and performance requirements in the automotive industry.

GMS Composites fabricates a range of press-moulded and machined aircraft components, as well as developing custom-designed prepreg materials for OEM parts and MRO. Our main products for this sector are prepregs, fabrics, and resin systems, along with moulded and machined parts.

GMS Composites’ lightweight, strong, and flexible products are ideal for marine application. Our range varies from low-cost glass reinforced epoxy resin systems to carbon fibre for the ideal strength-to-weight ratio for high-performance applications. 

From composites for wind turbine blades to carbon tow and specialised resins for the production of hydrogen tanks, GMS Composites is widely experienced in the energy industry. 

The sports industry is constantly demanding lighter, stronger, and faster products, and GMS Composites’ in-house expertise and research partnerships allow us to meet and exceed these requirements. 

GMS Composites produces durable and lightweight components for clients in the rail and transport industry seeking to lower fuel usage, emissions, and costs as well as meet the requirements around FST.

From light weighting and strengthening applications through to dynamic braking systems in mining trucks, GMS Composites’ range of durable and lightweight materials allows us to meet the stringent quality demands of the mining industry, and our range of fire, smoke, and toxicity-resistant resins allows us to cater to any requirement.

An extensive range of insulation materials for heavy industry including in sheet, washer or tube form or machined to customer drawings and specifications, GMS Composites supply an extensive range of mica and glass based products for use in electrical and thermal insulation applications.

Composites offer architects, builders, and engineers the ability to achieve projects not previously possible. GMS Composites’ research partnerships allow them to develop products to help clients consistently expand these boundaries. Whether new innovative designs or strengthening and restoration projects.

GMS Composites has developed lightweight and reliable materials for ballistic and protection applications, including soft and hard armour, helmets, vehicle protection, spall liners and infrastructure shielding.

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