About us

GMS Composites set the standard worldwide for development, manufacturing, and delivery of specialised, high-performance composite materials. 

The power of partnerships

GMS Composites’ team of in-house experts work with external research partners to provide innovative solutions, engineered to meet the specific requirements of client’s needs.

Precision manufacturing

GMS Composites is a leading materials supplier, known for its advanced supply chain and commitment to being a single supply source. Our lean manufacturing methodology enables us to produce high-quality materials with fast lead times, helping our clients accelerate the development and deployment of new products, saving money and bringing them to market faster.

Manufactured to order

GMS Composites offers a range of bespoke design and fabrication services. These include infusion moulding composite parts, CNC machining and finishing composite parts, and compression or press moulding prepreg parts and sheets.

Fabrics & ancillaries

GMS Composites offers a comprehensive range of composite materials.


Our clients