Our expert team and advanced partner network, supply chain logistics and innovative warehousing solutions enable a more simplified procurement process.

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GMS Composites strives to stay at the forefront of composite material innovation and expertise. Our international partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to bring the most innovative technical solutions to our customers in an efficient and affordable manner as a single supply source. This positions us perfectly to meet the highly specific and exacting demands of industries such as defence, aviation, automotive, and marine, among others. Procurement agents are invited to contact us to learn more about the extraordinary opportunities made possible by collaboration with our expert team and research and development partners.


GMS Composites offers a wide range of products, including resins and reinforcement fabrics, to meet various project requirements. Our advanced development and production capabilities and partnerships with research facilities and international suppliers enable us to deliver tailored solutions for specific performance demands. We can also offer alternatives to ensure the best possible technical and commercial outcome.

Through GMS Composites, clients have access to the best research & development facilities and technical experts, as well as cutting-edge suppliers and the latest technologies, all in one place as a single supply source.

Markets & applications

GMS Composites provide solutions for any application requiring cutting-edge composite materials. Our products have been used in the aerospace, automotive, defence, and marine industries, among others.

A wide range of options

Our range includes a variety of prepregs, fabrics, resins, vacuum consumables, core materials, tooling products, and more. Our advanced product development capability also allows us to provide customised solutions to project demands.

The GMS advantage

Tailored for your needs

GMS Composites’ extensive and established materials supply chain, in-house expertise, and R&D partnerships with research institutes and universities allow them to formulate, test, and develop bespoke solutions that deliver higher-value outcomes for your projects.

Flexible products & production

From initial prototypes to small batches for niche applications to high-volume orders, GMS Composites’ flexible supply chain practices allow them to supply your product in the quantities you need, when you need them and where you need them.

Time & budget benefits

GMS Composites’ ability to rapidly develop and produce materials for your project allows you to accelerate your deadlines, importantly, enabling you to launch products faster and with the long-term cost benefits built in.

More sustainable solutions

We’re paving the way for a cleaner and more environmentally-conscious future, reducing our reliance on historically inefficient products and enabling new technologies, designs and cleaner energy solutions. Simply enabling a more efficient and sustainable world.

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