Elevate Transport Solutions with GMS Composites

Revolutionising rail & transport.

A lighter, stronger solution.

From durability and fire/toxicity resistance regulations and requirements to weight issues, the rail and transport industry poses significant design challenges.

GMS Composites’ commitment to constant research and development of innovative and improved materials allows us to provide OEMs with solutions to these challenges. Our composite materials provide strength, durability, and flexibility while reducing weight, which reduces fuel consumption and emissions and maximises cargo capacity. 

In the realm of electric motor technology, insulation stands as a critical factor in ensuring efficient and reliable performance. For both AC and DC motors, tailored insulation solutions play a pivotal role in preventing electrical breakdown, enhancing thermal stability, and extending operational lifetimes. Furthermore, dynamic braking systems, vital for swiftly halting motion in electric vehicles and industrial machinery, demands insulation materials that withstand rapid energy dissipation while maintaining integrity.

The GMS advantage

Tailored for your needs

GMS Composites’ extensive and established materials supply chain, in-house expertise, and R&D partnerships with research institutes and universities allow them to formulate, test, and develop bespoke solutions that deliver higher-value outcomes for your projects.

Flexible products & production

From initial prototypes to small batches for niche applications to high-volume orders, GMS Composites’ flexible supply chain practices allow them to supply your product in the quantities you need, when you need them and where you need them.

Time & budget benefits

GMS Composites’ ability to rapidly develop and produce materials for your project allows you to accelerate your deadlines, importantly, enabling you to launch products faster and with the long-term cost benefits built in.

More sustainable solutions

We’re paving the way for a cleaner and more environmentally-conscious future, reducing our reliance on historically inefficient products and enabling new technologies, designs and cleaner energy solutions. Simply enabling a more efficient and sustainable world.

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