Innovate Energy Solutions with GMS Composites

Empowering tomorrow's energy landscape.

A cleaner, greener world powered by sustainable energy.

Our range of robust carbon tows and unique epoxy resin systems, specifically designed for the production of hydrogen storage vessels, positions us as a forefront innovator in delivering comprehensive composite material solutions within this industry.

At GMS Composites, we take pride in our efforts in the energy market, where we are playing a transformative role in the sustainable energy revolution with our cutting-edge solutions for hydrogen and wind applications.

As the world seeks cleaner, greener, and more efficient energy sources, we are proud to be a driving force in this effort, delivering innovative composite materials that help to push the boundaries of hydrogen and wind technologies.

The fusion of hydrogen technology and advanced composites is shaping the landscape of industries. Harnessing the potential of hydrogen as a clean and efficient energy carrier, coupled with the exceptional properties of composite materials. Opening new realms of possibility driving us toward a future defined by enhanced performance, reduced environmental impact, and unparalleled technological advancement.

Our materials play a crucial role in the design and construction of wind turbine components. With exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and fatigue resistance, our composites enhance the structural integrity and efficiency of wind turbine blades, maximising energy generation and minimising maintenance requirements.

The GMS advantage

Tailored for your needs

GMS Composites’ extensive and established materials supply chain, in-house expertise, and R&D partnerships with research institutes and universities allow them to formulate, test, and develop bespoke solutions that deliver higher-value outcomes for your projects.

Flexible products & production

From initial prototypes to small batches for niche applications to high-volume orders, GMS Composites’ flexible supply chain practices allow them to supply your product in the quantities you need, when you need them and where you need them.

Time & budget benefits

GMS Composites’ ability to rapidly develop and produce materials for your project allows you to accelerate your deadlines, importantly, enabling you to launch products faster and with the long-term cost benefits built in.

More sustainable solutions

We’re paving the way for a cleaner and more environmentally-conscious future, reducing our reliance on historically inefficient products and enabling new technologies, designs and cleaner energy solutions. Simply enabling a more efficient and sustainable world.

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