Aramid Fibre Fabrics

Design Benefits of Aramid Fibre Fabrics

  • Excellent Tensile Strength: 3620 MPa (525 ksi)
  • Good Stiffness: 131 GPa (19 msi)
  • Excellent Toughness, with a high resistance to being cut or penetrated by a sharp impact load.
  • Low Density: 1.44 gm/cm3, the lowest of all major reinforcing fibers, so ideal for infusing a single skinned very low weight – high strength laminate.
  • Negative Coefficient of linear expansion: -4.3 x 106 (-2.4 x 106), so for high temperature applications can provide very stable mountings for electrical components.
  • Low Dielectric Constant: 4 at 1 MHz offering good radar transparency

Potential Problems To Avoid

  • Aramid fibers are difficult to cut and grind so only use aramid rated cutting and grinding tools.
  • Aramid fibers are lower in compression than glass or carbon, hence many designers overcome by selecting a suitable Aramid fibre based hybrid fabric.
  • Aramid fibers pick up moisture very easily, so must be kept dry and need to be fully resin impregnated when moulded.
  • Aramid fibers are degraded by UV light, so must be over coated with a resin layer, gelcoat or paint