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GMS Composites is a leading provider of composite materials, leveraging its expertise in sourcing and offering innovative composite solutions to meet the diverse needs of various established and emerging industries. By partnering with manufacturers to develop new and innovative products, GMS Composites enables organisations to realise their full potential and create innovative new products.  

Providing sustainable composite solutions

GMS Composites are innovators in the field of producing materials that are ideal not just for your project, but also the environment.

Design & fabrication services

GMS Composites specialise in solving engineering and design problems by supplying customers with innovative technical solutions that meet the application requirements. 

Engineering exceptionalism

GMS Composites’ in-house expertise and external research and development partnerships allow them to develop products engineered to meet specific needs and product requirements, helping its customers accelerate new product development programs and bring products to market sooner. 

A superior solution

GMS Composites’ products are lightweight, strong, and can simply enable a more efficient and sustainable solution, the ideal choice for industries requiring high-performance materials.

Our clients gain access to innovating research & development facilities and technical experts. As well as benefit from our global network of revolutionary suppliers, all in one place as a single supply source. This consolidation of resources eliminates logistical hurdles, allowing easy and rapid deployment of materials and products.

Access to the best RD facilities and technical experts, cutting edge suppliers, new technologies and latest products all brought together as a simple single supply source.

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